Thursday, 4 July 2013

Parliamentary Reform from the Cheap Seats

Elizabeth May is perhaps the hardest working Member of Parliament. As a caucus of one, her entire party – its policy objectives, its visibility – depends on her ability to command attention in the House and in the media. However, for all the time she spends in the lower house, she still demonstrates an alarming lack of awareness about the institutions she is now apart of. Her frequently public musing offers a glimpse into a political theory that it is often at odds with itself and its intended aims.

Cabinet & Senate: An End to Government Bills in the Upper Chamber?

News that the current Leader of the Government in the Senate is stepping down is not surprising. A long serving veteran of the upper chamber, Marjory LeBreton is close to the mandatory retirement age and would not be able to serve in a theoretically re-elected Harper ministry in 2015. LeBreton has also been front and centre for the Senate expenses scandal, a role that has been largely unhelpful for the government in diffusing the situation.